Mami Hariyama
Osaka, Japan
1982, 9,1
HobbyFgorumet, Arts, Travel and Internet
Norio Hariyama(Father) Clarinetist
Kazuko Hariyama(Mother) Pianist
Emi Hariyama(Sister)Ballerina
Yumi Hariyama(Sister)Actress

Mami Hariyama, being influenced by her sisters, started learning ballet when she was three years old. At that time she also learned to play the piano by her mother and later by Mrs. Kazumi Maeda. She was accepted by the Kobe international ballet competition in 1998 and 1999. At the age of 16, she performed with the Leningrad State Ballet at St. Petersburg, Russia to celebrate the anniversary of the sister city relationship between Osaka and St. Petersburg. During the same year, she visited Indianapolis to further her dance studies with the Ballet International. Also at 16, she was a model for commercials, magazines and TV shows. At 17, she had a chance to play the piano for the summer intensive program in Japan given by the Vaganova ballet teachers. She traveled throughout Japan with them and performed successfully. Since then she has been a pianist for the finest teachers of the Vaganova Ballet Academy such as Ludmilla Kavalyova and Mariya Grivanova among others. She also played for many ballet schools in Japan. She also performed concerts with her father who is a clarinetist. In 2001, her family organized a concert in Osaka and brought world renowned dancers and musicians. The performers included herself, her parents and their musician friends. Dances were performed by her sisters and guests. It was successful and covered by the media. She visited Russia a second time and had chance to play rehearsals at the VaganovaBallet Academy. In July 2003, she and her family produced the highly successful Dream Concert 2003, This concert also had world renowned guests from America, Russia, France and Canada. Television crews followed them to make a TV documentary about the concert. In 2004, she moved to New York by herself and is now a permanent pianist for many dance studios and ballet schools on Manhattan. She has played for more than 50 different teachers since coming to New York. She has also started her own ballet class on Manhattan. Children and adult take her class,  and is loved by everyone. The third Dream Concert will be held in OsakaJapan in the summer of 2006. 

Theachers who I have worked with.
Dick Andros, @
Kim Abel.
Robert Atwood, @
Cynthia Birdwell,@
Florentina Bradisteanu,
Ethan Brown,
Leslie Browne
Nancy Bielski.
Wilhelm Burmann.
Cornel Crabtree,
Jacques d'Amboise,
George de la Pena
Julia Dubno,
Olga Dvorovenko,
Larissa Dovrajan
Edward Ellison,
Eva Evdokimova,
Emilietta Ettlin,,
Peter Frame,@
Alexandar Filipov
Christian Holder,
John@Gardner ,
Philip Gardner.
Nina Heintz-Cook,
Fabrice Herrault,
Alan Hineline,
Dawn Hillen,
Erin Hurlburt,
Darla Hoover,
Jack Hertzog
Chiristian Holder.
Debra Jo Hughes.
David Howard,
Finis Jhung,

Makio Homura
Gelsey Kirkland.
Elena Kunikova,
Dorit Koppel.
Kenny Larson
Jenna Lavin,
Lisa Lockwood.
Roni Mahler,
Kirill Matveev,
Peff Modelsky,
Lonne Moretton,

Chikahisa Natsuyama
Kovaleva Ludmila
Levich Nataliya
Peter O'Brien,
Vincent Orlando,
Francis Patrelle, Megan Philipp,
Alexander Proia,
Liane Plane.
John Prinz,
Ludmilla Raianova,
Johan Ranvell,
Nadine Revene
Melissa Rodnon
Kathleen Smith,
Kathryn Sullivan,
Andrey Saliantyev.
Carol Sumner,
Ginger Thatcher,
Alexander Tressor,
Michael Vernon

Shizuko Soda
Alexsandar Styopin
Melissa Wilson,
Cheryl Yeager,
Lorna Zawacki